Youth - Friday Night Alive! May 27th - Chapel Unified!

24/05/2016 18:52
Friday Night Alive! Chapel Unified! Join us this Friday, May 27th, for Friday Night Alive! This week we'll be going to Chapel Unified, an evening of praise and worship and gathering with other youth from the Lower Mainland. Chapel Unified will be held downtown at the Centre. It...

Friday Night Alive! Friday, May 13th @ 6:30. Choose Your Own Adventure!

10/05/2016 18:28
Friday Night Alive! Choose Your Own Adventure Join us this Friday, May 13th, for Friday Night Alive! What are we doing this Friday? It will be up to you! You'll be given a number of choices that will shape the evening. We could stay at the church, we could walk down Fraser, we could...

EBC Youth Vancouver - Get Up! Sunday, May 8th @ 9:15. The Bible Project - Judges

07/05/2016 13:01
Get Up! The Bible Project - Judges Join us Sunday morning at 9:15 for Get Up! This week we'll be continuing through the Old Testament as we look at the book of Judges. Who are the judges? What are they judging? What can we learn from this study? Let's find out together on...

EBC Youth Vancouver! Friday Night Alive! The Bible Project - The Law. And Nachos!

02/05/2016 17:23
Join us this Friday, May 6th, for Friday Night Alive! We'll be looking at the Bible Project theme video on The Law. We'll also spend time hanging out, singing and playing games. And this is nacho regular Friday night youth - we'll be having NACHOS! Hope to see...

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